May 12, 2020

PXM for Dummies

Your guide to mastering product experience management to win in the experience economy





AI-based Product Data Enrichment


Omnichannel Commerce

Optimized Catalog Management

Product Content Syndication

Product Experience Management

Supplier Data Onboarding

Team Collaboration

Translation & Localization

Product Experience Management for Dummies

PXM for Dummies decrypts how changing commerce trends impact customer behavior, and explains why providing a top-notch customer experience requires crafting compelling product experiences — consistent product information delivered in context wherever, and whomever, your buyers are. Retailers and brands who go beyond delivering simple product information and build an emotional connection with customers will win. Is your business ready?

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  • Navigate the Experience Economy
  • Craft compelling product experiences
  • Put product information in the proper context
  • Create emotion via digital assets
  • Tackle product content syndication
  • Build a successful PXM practice

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