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Supplier data onboarding made simple, with Akeneo Supplier Data Manager

A simple, scalable, and collaborative way to collect product data from all your suppliers. Akeneo Supplier Data Manager provides a user-friendly portal for collecting, managing, and enriching supplier-provided product info and assets. Configure your suppliers, have them upload product files or fill out a template, and map the data to Akeneo PIM for easy import.

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For Retailers

As a retailer, you’re often navigating through thousands of products from hundreds of suppliers.

To offer the best product experience for consumers, you need the latest product information and media from these suppliers, but collecting and managing that information in a consistent format is a complex operational challenge.

Akeneo Supplier Data Manager gives you the flexibility to collect data from suppliers in a way that works best for you and them. With a simple portal to collaborate back and forth, collecting files and requesting specific product attributes from suppliers has never been easier.

For Distributors

When you’re a B2B distributor, it’s critical that you offer your customers an easy way to find all the right product information they need to make a purchase. But that requires your team having access to accurate and complete product information from all your suppliers.

With Akeneo Supplier Data Manager, you can confidently collect the latest product information and assets from suppliers and map it directly into Akeneo PIM.

The simple, scalable, and collaborative way to collect product data from all your suppliers.

Manage and collaborate with suppliers at scale

Add suppliers directly to Akeneo PIM and invite collaborators to access their dedicated portal. Efficiently work with suppliers by communicating with them directly in the portal, giving them visibility into file history and status updates, and leaving comments about specific products, attributes, or images.

Collect the latest product information and assets from suppliers

Enable your suppliers to easily upload their product data sheets and media files using a simple drag-and-drop UI. Retailers can convert media into assets and link them to PIM products with just one click.

Share templates for suppliers to review and complete

Provide suppliers with a template to get the exact pieces of product information you need. Avoid back and forth with suppliers by leveraging guidelines and mandatory attributes from the start, to limit what they can submit.

Map supplier data to your PIM for easy import

After collecting product data and collaborating with suppliers to get what you need, it’s simple to map everything to your PIM data structure, leverage basic rules to clean and normalize the data, then import with the click of a button.

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