Akeneo Shared Catalogs

Don’t let frustration with information sharing be the bottleneck to your business growth.

Shared Catalogs helps you improve collaboration with your external and internal stakeholders by easily sharing the latest product information from Akeneo PIM through a secured portal. They get just what they need, when they want it.

  • Simplify data sharing processes

    Simplify data sharing processes

    Shared Catalogs simplifies existing data sharing workflows. Creating numerous files, for each distributor or retailer is both painful and time-consuming for everyone involved. Relieve your teams from manual and outdated processes by enabling them to easily create, share and manage product catalogs with a few clicks right from the Akeneo PIM user interface.

  • The right data at the right time

    The right data at the right time

    Shared Catalogs offers on-demand and secured access to relevant and up-to-date product information for your partners, whether they are distributors, retailers, or internal teams such as sales or customer service. They benefit from greater autonomy to browse, search, view and download the product data they need to be successful. Catalogs that you share are automatically synchronized with the latest product information coming from Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition.

  • Scale your growth

    Scale your growth

    Automating and simplifying product catalog creation, sharing and updates with Shared Catalogs means you and your team will be able to focus on more strategic and higher-value activities, not responding to countless manual requests for product data. Your productivity will be improved, as will the relationship with your partners. And because everyone in your organization who interacts with customers will be better informed, customer satisfaction will reach new heights.

Would you like to see how Shared Catalogs can improve your data sharing processes and help scale your business growth?

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