IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce


AI Meets PX: The Path to Product Excellence

Discover how to leverage AI technology to deliver comprehensive, compelling product experiences to consumers. Check out what Akeneo’s Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer has to say on the topic.

What is AI for PX?

In a world where AI is all the buzz it can be hard to truly understand how utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) for product experiences (PX) and the benefits this can have for your business. AI for PX is all about harnessing some of the most innovative AI technologies out there today to create efficient, hyper personalized product experiences across an array of digital and physical touchpoints. The potential power of this has already been touted from the mountaintops, but there are 3 worth mentioning again:

Be mindful that bad product data in = bad product data out. No matter how advanced AI and technology has become you should always start by looking at the quality of your product data first. Every product experience strategy starts with good product information and the same goes for your AI investments. Start by looking at how you can leverage AI to clean and structure your data before you invest in more advanced AI solutions.

Today’s core AI applications for PX

The biggest question on most people’s minds is how to get started and what AI solutions they should use. At Akeneo we have invested in over 20+ AI applications that our customers are using today. These solutions span 3 core use cases that we have identified as critical to a business’s product experience strategy. Through our customers usage of those applications we’ve learned that there is a logical order to applying AI in order to maximize its benefits.
Collect & cleanse your product data

Leverage AI to accurately clean and enrich any product data including de-duplication, data extraction, and product categorization & classification, at scale and in a centralized way. Relieve your teams from lengthy manual data work by leveraging the power of AI.

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Generate & enrich your content

Quickly and easily generate ready-to-edit content, including product descriptions and product page copy that aligns with your business’s tone of voice, product keywords, and character limits.

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Personalize your content and experiences to new markets & geographies

Automatically translate product content to quickly and efficiently deliver product experiences at scale and in any language with AI

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Proven ways to leverage AI for your PX strategy

  • Apply deep learning to automate the collection and organization of scattered product data
  • Create new and relevant attributes that improve search functionality
  • Quickly and easily categorize any number of products, improving the quality of your product data and improving conversion rates while reducing returns
  • Enable your organization to automate repetitive data-cleansing tasks and focus on high-value work

  • Easily expand your eCommerce business into new markets by boosting marketing efforts with access to content already optimized for search engines
  • Maximize your internal efficiency by increasing team productivity rates
  • Deliver a consistent brand experience across the entire customer journey with preformatted product descriptions and enriched romance copy

  • Translate, localize, update, and publish content within a single connected workflow
  • Test new markets and new languages with a lower barrier of entry
  • Automate redundant and manual translation and localization processes, reducing time-to-market by upwards of 60%

AI in action

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