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IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce

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Activate product experiences at scale across your top sales channels

Connect your enriched product data in Akeneo PIM to the top retailer and marketplace sites to drive compelling customer experiences. Increase conversions and sell more products with high-quality product content that is optimized to meet the requirements of each destination.

Leading enterprise businesses choose Akeneo for their activation needs:

The power of PIM + Activation

Accurate and complete data

Leverage your source of truth within Akeneo PIM to meet channel requirements, rather than managing data in fragmented portals and spreadsheets.

Optimized product experiences

Transform your product information at scale to drive better SEO and conversions on each channel.

Faster time-to-market

Increase your agility and launch new channels more quickly with easy channel setup, attribute mapping, and publishing options.

Map and transform data to align with channel requirements

After enabling an activation channel, the required and optional attributes are visible within Akeneo, and users can easily map existing PIM attributes to complete the necessary fields.

Operations can be set up to transform the PIM data to meet channel requirements, scaling a team’s ability to leverage the high-quality content in the PIM without unnecessary manual effort.

Optimize and enrich content to improve performance

PIM data can be transformed to create channel-specific values, without the need for creating new attributes. This helps you maintain strong data governance and a single source of truth, while benefiting from optimized content for each channel.

A great example of this is the Title of your product. In the PIM, you might store the official title that is used on your own ecommerce site. But for Amazon, it can be important to add your Brand name at the front to improve SEO.

Publish and review to ensure accuracy and completeness

Depending on the type of connection available, your product feed out of Akeneo is published to the activation channel either by direct API or Flat File, and can be scheduled to automate more of the process.

Channel requirements are automatically kept up-to-date, giving you visibility into any mapping or content changes that need to be updated to ensure that your accurate and complete product content is being delivered as expected.

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