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IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce

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PX Strategy – Self Assessment

Take this quick self-assessment to see where you are on the path to Product Experience excellence and learn how our customer platform can help you succeed in your omnichannel strategy.

After you answer the 14 statements (4 min), we’ll show your final score and how it compares to your peers. We’ll give you access to strategic and operational recommendations to drive your growth initiatives through better product experiences.

Define your own Success

Each company has its own background, its own history, its own maturity. No two businesses are alike, especially when it comes to the broad range of customer experiences you have been trying so hard to make great.

The primary way you engage with your buyers is through the experiences they first have with your products, whether it be on your online store or in a physical point of sales. Delivering fantastic product experiences is a proven way for you to unlock that growth. In order to deliver these compelling product experiences you need a PX Strategy.

What is a PX Strategy?

A PX Strategy is a comprehensive strategy to build and deliver world-class product experiences across every customer touchpoint to accelerate growth, stay competitive, and support the organization’s overall goals.

The 3 magic components of a PX Strategy

To build an effective PX Strategy you need to first understand what it is you’re trying to accomplish. Is it reducing errors, increasing conversion rate, unlocking growth opportunities in new channels and regions, or something else? Next you need to align the People, Process, and Technology within your organization that manage Product Experience. Even the best people or most innovative technologies can’t succeed by themselves.

Introducing the PX Strategy Self Assessment

Take the first step to building world class product experiences for your customers.

What’s in for you?

In order to help you measure where you are on this path of Product Experience excellence we have built the PX Strategy Self Assessment. This short self assessment will help you identify opportunities for improvement and educate you on PX Strategy best practices.

After you answer 14 questions (4min) related to your people, process and technology, you’ll receive a personalized and actionable report.

Wondering which Akeneo PIM edition is best for you?

No two businesses are alike, depending on where you are today with your product information management and your needs to support your business growth plan, you’ll know which stage of maturity you are going through and how to achieve a superior product experience management.

PX Adopter

A PX Adopter establishes a single source of truth as a strong foundation for using product information consistently across channels and markets.

PX Innovator

A PX Innovator starts to unlock growth with a collaborative model between teams and formalizes a process to make sure attributes and assets are defined to match the product experience that customers expect along the entire buying journey.

PX Champion

A PX Champion unlocks growth at scale thanks to a scalable and well-designed platform that involves internal and external stakeholders and aligns to the business strategy.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Our Akeneo Experts are here to answer all the questions you might have about our products and help you to move forward on your PXM journey.