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Create truly omnichannel experiences, whether the channel is owned by you or not

In order to reach new audiences through popular retailers or eCommerce sites, many organizations need to syndicate their product record to channels that aren’t necessarily owned or controlled by them. In order to ensure a consistent experience with your own touchpoints, Akeneo allows your team to create a strong foundational base of product information that can be activated on any and every channel.

Leading Enterprises Choose Akeneo for all their Channel Activation Requirements

Ensure consistent, compelling, up-to-date data everywhere

Data inconsistencies create poor product experiences. Akeneo’s Data Quality Insights monitors the quality, completeness, and consistency of product data in Akeneo PIM and provides recommendations to your team for improvement. Leverage these features to ensure you are providing all your channels with complete product information that creates consistent product experiences. Plus, with Akeneo Asset Manager, your team can share digital assets and product information with retailers and marketplaces by consolidating everything into a single source.

Activate your product record across all marketplaces and retailers

Every channel has its own unique requirements for how product information submitted by brands should be structured. As a result, brands have to add a step to their activation process to customize their product information for each marketplace or retailer. Akeneo’s Tailored Exports reduces the time brands spend reformatting data by allowing non-technical business users to easily and quickly filter, map, and transform their existing product information and structure to align with the structural requirements of the channel. Once an export profile is created for a retailer it can be reused each time data needs to be submitted, reducing the time and effort necessary to activate your products.

Centralize product information

Enable your own organization and the retailers or marketplaces you’re working with to access the most current and complete product information whenever you need it by creating a central repository of product information. Akeneo Shared Catalogs provides distributors, retailers, and your own sales and services teams a secure, easy-to-use portal where members can search, filter, and download high-quality product data and assets that have been managed and enriched within Akeneo PIM.

Key Akeneo Capabilities for Channel Activation

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