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PIM integrations for every commerce need

Your product information doesn’t exist in a silo. Your PIM shouldn’t either.

Akeneo’s cloud-first, API-centric approach makes it easy to connect your PIM with both new and existing systems. From eCommerce, DAM, print and more, no matter your needs, you can rest assured that Akeneo PIM will fit seamlessly into your existing ecosystem and unlock future growth thanks to our vast network and exclusively built PIM integrations.

Level up your online presence

Akeneo PIM is connected to the most popular eCommerce platforms on the market. Take advantage of a wide range of connectors that offer PIM integration s with Akeneo to make it easy to send high-quality product information to your eCommerce channels.

Enable advanced site search and filtering, high quality media assets, or share important information like allergy warnings and ingredients. No matter your business needs, Akeneo PIM can level up your eCommerce customer experience.

Optimize the management of your digital assets

Digital assets are becoming increasingly important to consumers no matter what type of products you sell. High quality product pictures, lifestyle photos, guides, manuals, and how-to videos are a key component of your product information.

Leverage Akeneo PIM and your DAM to ensure the right assets are easily available for all your products, leading to excellent customer experiences.

Manage your print catalog with ease

Even if digitalization has changed commerce, not everything can be done online and it’s still important to be able to reach your customers in real life.

That’s why Akeneo PIM offers integrations with leading print providers. Make your print catalog management more efficient with Akeneo partners who are experts in product information and catalog production. Produce printed brochures, data sheets, and labels to meet your customers at every stage of their buying journey.

Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce

The Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce automatically synchronizes product data between Akeneo PIM and Adobe Commerce.

As Adobe Commerce’s only Premier Technology Partner in the PIM category, Akeneo enables B2C and B2B merchants on Adobe Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce, to deliver compelling customer experiences online — and across all sales channels.

Whether you’re already using Adobe Commerce, or migrating, take advantage of this robust integration to easily consolidate, enrich, manage, and export product data to your eCommerce platform.

Akeneo Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The Akeneo Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to seamlessly feed product information to your Commerce Cloud platform to improve your customer experience, increase conversions, and reduce returns.

It uses the Akeneo API to easily select and export product information to the Business Manager platform and converts product information in Akeneo to Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s XML format.

Akeneo App for BigCommerce

The Akeneo App for BigCommerce allows you to send high-quality and emotionally resonant product information to your BigCommerce platform. With easy setup and powerful out-of-the-box functionality, anyone can manage the integration without burdening IT. As the only preferred global PIM partner of BigCommerce, it’s the trusted solution to connect Akeneo PIM and BigCommerce.

Akeneo App for Shopify

The Akeneo App for Shopify helps brands activate their products in Akeneo PIM on their Shopify stores.  Using Akeneo and Shopify APIs, the App makes it simple to automatically synchronize PIM data to your Shopify stores with little or no IT involvement.Whether you’ve been a Shopify customer for a long time, or are considering re-platforming, this App can help you increase your speed-to-market, while delivering consistently great product experiences on your eCommerce site.

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