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Product Information Management (PIM) For Your Every Salesforce Need

Your business runs on Salesforce, power it with the product information that your teams need most. From B2B and B2C Commerce, to Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud, Akeneo offers the integrations that you require to drive revenue and improve end-to-end customer experiences. Leverage product information across your eCommerce platform, within Salesforce CRM, for CPQ creation, to support customer cases and more.

Deliver customer experiences that drive revenue

Whether your business is leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud for B2B, B2C or B2B2C, your customers and wholesale partnership expect consistent, compelling and accurate product information. Exceed their expectations, decrease your time-to-market and drive sales with product information delivered from Akeneo PIM into Salesforce

Power your people in Salesforce CRM with product information

Your CRM holds valuable information about your customers, their carts, their cases and more. When your sales team negotiates with your wholesalers, or your customer service team takes on a new case, ensure that they also have access to the most up to date and accurate product information. By leveraging Akeneo’s integrations to the Salesforce platform your teams will have the information they need to increase and improve customer satisfaction.

Integration of product information ensures a seamless and consistent customer experience across different touchpoints, including sales, service, and e-commerce.

Integrations that Power Your Business on Salesforce

B2C Commerce

High-quality product information streamlines the buying process on the B2C Commerce platform, reducing the likelihood of errors, returns, and customer dissatisfaction offering an exceptional consumer experience.

B2B Commerce

In the competitive B2B market, where customers demand seamless and convenient online experiences, via portals, product information becomes a powerful tool for driving sales, and increasing conversion rates.

B2B2C Commerce

B2B2C often involves complex sales channels, distribution networks, and marketing strategies to effectively reach and serve both business and consumer segments, power this with product information.

Sales Cloud

High-quality product information in Sales Cloud means a consistent and cohesive customer experience across channels. Whether engaging with customers in-person, over the phone, or digitally, sales teams can provide a unified and compelling product story, reinforcing credibility and fostering customer trust.

Service Cloud

Having reliable product information in Salesforce Service Cloud is crucial to enhancing customer support, as it enables service agents to provide accurate and timely assistance, troubleshoot issues efficiently, and ensure a seamless resolution process for customers seeking support for products.

Experience Cloud

Elevate your brand presence with product information accessible to create branded, personalized, and interactive digital experiences for customers, partners, and employees using Experience Cloud.

"Our buy teams would take up to 10 minutes to raise a product and create a product in our old systems, whereas now that’s gone down to 30 seconds to be able to create a product, so we’re seeing huge efficiencies and huge savings for our business now."

"The way Akeneo PIM has made our product data management processes more smooth and seamless has been a key factor in our success and was essential to meet our digital objectives"

“They’re [Content team] not waiting on the Product Development team anymore. Data now flows directly into the system and they start working automatically on the next season, they can start prepping and getting the data ready to be enriched right away”

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