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A shifting supply and demand, an uncertain global economy, and intensive government regulations mean that energy and utility companies need to constantly be on their toes to ensure their providing the best possible customer experience. This requires a strong foundation of product information in order to activate your product information in market and shine a light on your product.

Leading Enterprises Choose Akeneo for Energy utilities

Centralize your product information

In order to mitigate risks that come from supply chain disruptions, faulty product data, and plant management, it’s crucial to have a single source of record for accurate and up-to-date information that can be shared with the right people at the right time. With Akeneo PIM as a central hub of product information, energy companies can control and manage the data and the process, making teams more productive and efficient and ensuring product data completeness and legal compliance. Plus, Akeneo Shared Catalogs makes it easy for internal and external organizations to access the most current and complete product information on demand so consistent product information can be activated across channels and marketplaces.

Power up your omnichannel product experiences

Setting your energy or utility business up for success now means keeping an eCommerce platform with an agile structure that can quickly pivot if need be. With Akeneo PIM, expanding to new channels is simple. Expand to marketplaces, social commerce, apps, and more by having eCommerce support that helps accelerate new product introduction and updating processes so you can get to market faster, regardless of the channel or region. Plus, Akeneo PIM helps you support global strategies and regional needs with localizable attributes that deliver rich product data that is formatted to align with local languages and regional requirements.

Position your brand’s unique point of view

Whether your customers are looking for sustainable or reusable energy practices, cost-effective utilities, or luxurious and personalized power options, it is important to ensure that your brand values and differentiators are matched with their consumer searches. Reference entities in Akeneo PIM allow you to create and enrich brand information that is shared by and connected to products. Instead of entering this information on each unique product record, reference entities create a link between the brand information and the product. Save time and enhance the product experience by including your identifying brand information about sustainability or high-quality service that helps convert sales.

Key Akeneo PIM Capabilities

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