Edition comparison

Community edition Features
  • Standard features
License and support
  • OSL V3 License
  • Community Support
  • Forever Free

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Enterprise edition Features
  • Standard features
    • Advanced rights management
    • Validation workflow
    • Versioning and publication
    • Rules engine
    • Product asset manager
License and support
  • Commercial License
  • SLA-backed Support
  • Annual subscription fee

Questions & Answers

What is the price of Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition?

The annual price directly depends on the number of channels you want.
You can ask for a quotation directly from our contact form.

How difficult is it to migrate from Community Edition to Enterprise Edition?

Akeneo Community Edition and Enterprise Edition are based on the exact same core. Migration from Community to Enterprise should not be a complex task from a technical point of view but may require some extra configuration work as it comes with more features and more advanced permissions on entities.

Can I still access / extend the code of the Enterprise Edition features?

Yes – Every licensee can access to the full code of the new bundles included into the Enterprise Edition so you can extend it as you would do on Community features.

How support is working for Community and Enterprise Edition?

Support for the Community Edition is offered through various community channels, including our forum, Twitter or third party sites. By posting a question to the forum you may be able to receive a resolution from a fellow community member. However there is no guarantee of a response or of a final resolution by community members, it is at the discretion of the global community and you put your faith in them.
The Akeneo Enterprise Edition includes professional support. You can open directly a new ticket in our support platform and staff will be on the case to resolve the issue. Akeneo works with your IT support staff and service vendors in an effort to ensure your deployment runs smoothly. The Akeneo Enterprise Support staff is a dedicated team available as a resource to ensure a smooth ride, whether you are deploying or already live with Akeneo.