IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce


Support your commerce suite of choice with a composable PIM software

When it comes to commerce suites, you have no shortage of options. But regardless of what you choose, your product information needs to be centralized, organized, and optimized in a single source of record to make your commerce suite transition (or adoption) as seamless as possible.

Leading Enterprises Choose Akeneo to support their Commerce Suite

Akeneo & Adobe Commerce Cloud

Akeneo enables B2C and B2B merchants on Adobe Commerce to improve customer experience and unlock growth by empowering cross-functional teams to get more products to market faster with high quality, consistent, localized product information – for eCommerce and across all customer touchpoints.

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Akeneo & BigCommerce

Akeneo enables BigCommerce merchants with a single source of truth to collect, organize, enrich, and improve, the quality of their product information while decreasing time-to-market. Akeneo is the only global Preferred PIM partner of BigCommerce with an award-winning integration – the Akeneo Connector for BigCommerce.

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Akeneo & Salesforce

By utilizing Akeneo’s open source PIM solution, companies can easily consolidate, enrich, manage, and export product information to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, enabling boosted productivity and significantly improved time-to-market.

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Key Composable Commerce Capabilities

With a composable solution like Akeneo, every component of your tech stack is replaceable, and therefore scalable. Changing, adding, or removing one aspect of your tech stack will no longer crumble your entire ecosystem. What does this mean? Accelerated time-to-market, increased eCommerce conversions, eliminated redundant technology costs, and stronger omnichannel experiences.

An open ecosystem essentially means that your organization isn’t tied to one specific vendor; you are free to select the software that best serves each individual business need, ensuring that you’re receiving world-class SaaS products across the board. This encourages simple integrations and deep customization capabilities, allowing your team to build the perfect system for your commerce tech stack.

The scalability and flexibility of a composable solution like Akeneo is one of the biggest reasons so many organizations are beginning to transition. Whether it’s adapting to meet the needs of new customer markets, new global locations, new products, or new eCommerce channels, composable commerce offers the flexibility to meet your organization’s needs that a traditional approach can’t compete with.

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