PIM is the new CRM

PIM is the new CRM

We’ve been hearing this a lot at partner meetups, retailer conferences, from our customers, and even echoing down the hallways of our own offices.

What do people mean by “PIM is the new CRM”?

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Back to the Future: Akeneo PIM Marketplace Accelerator

The marketplace is both a critical proofpoint and mechanism of Akeneo’s intention to build a thriving PIM ecosystem. Akeneo is committed to helping partners expand the core capabilities of Akeneo itself– far faster and wider than one company could achieve on its own. We also know that a PIM is useless in a vacuum so we’re encouraging the ecosystem to build connectors and integrate third party applications everywhere they can.

The marketplace assists:

  • Akeneo clients who needed to expand the capabilities of Akeneo and/or connect Akeneo to external systems like Magento or Demandware.
  • Technology partners like TextMaster who wanted to leverage Akeneo to power additional sales for their own products.
  • Integrator partners who wished to build and maintain new extensions for use by the entire community.

The marketplace has been a big hit since its initial launch 18 months ago and has significantly accelerated overall market adoption of Akeneo while increasing partner revenues and client satisfaction. We currently have 25 different extensions from 14 different companies in the marketplace with another 15 in active development.

It’s a great start. But we can do more!

We want to make it even easier and more profitable for our partners to create and promote an ever-increasing variety of quality extensions. So we’ve created a dedicated team and a package of services devoted solely to improving the success of our marketplace partners.

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Optimize your productivity with the Rules Execution from the User Interface

As you probably know, before the release of Akeneo PIM 1.6, you had to wait for a CRON job for the rules to be calculated. Well now, you can also choose when to launch your rules, and which ones to launch if you need a quick update!

There is now a new interface allowing to see all your rules, and to launch them whenever you want. It’s very simple, quick and easy!

It’s really convenient if you need an updated data instantly to work or to launch an export. Find out more about this feature in the video below:

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