Why brands and manufacturers need a PIM

Brands and manufacturers have two options for selling their products: sell direct to consumers in-store and on eCommerce sites and marketplaces, or via retailers and distributors. Or both! Whatever your strategy, different sales channels have different requirements. A capable PIM for brands helps ensure the right information is presented in the right way in every channel.

Akeneo PIM helps you keep your product data accurate and organized. It was built to handle tons of information — product descriptions, technical data, regulatory data, images, and other attributes. Even with hundreds of thousands of products and multiple distribution channels, Akeneo can handle it all.

Leading brands and manufacturers choose Akeneo

Centrally manage your product information

Stop struggling with spreadsheets! Akeneo PIM lets you efficiently collect and enrich product information and simplifies publishing it to your sales channels, internal systems, and employees.

Collaborate to produce high-quality product data

Retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and marketplaces expect brands and manufacturers to provide accurate product information. Akeneo PIM provides the roles, rules, workflow, and collaboration capabilities to help you easily manage the enrichment process and ensure your product information is complete and correct.

Easily control and spread product information for each channel

Prepare product information in Akeneo and export only what each retailer, wholesaler, distributor, and marketplace needs. This gives you control over data quality and how your products are represented.

Improve time-to-market

With Akeneo PIM, your product information is ready for market faster even when you’re addressing multiple channels, languages, and regions. Improve efficiency and productivity to get products ready to sell fast.

Key Akeneo PIM Capabilities

Grow digital sales

Develop tailored product listings for digital channels such as web, marketplaces, mobile, and more. Pre-built API-based connectors rapidly feed complete product data to leading eCommerce platforms.

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Build customer trust

Use Akeneo PIM’s Data Quality Insights to ensure customers only see high-quality, accurate data in your catalogs. Spot errors, improve consistency, and track product data quality over time to make sure you’re delivering the best possible product experiences that customers demand.

Unclog the product data pipeline

Akeneo PIM is an easy-to-use solution designed for marketers to onboard, enrich, and distribute technical, usage, and emotional product information. Its Validation Workflow and collaborative Teamwork Assistant help get data flowing smoothly to all your sales channels.

Unlock retail and distribution growth

Improve data quality

Speed time to market

Increase conversions

Increase productivity

Reduce returns

What brand and manufacturing marketers are saying

The way Akeneo PIM has made our product data management processes more smooth and seamless has been a key factor in our success, and was essential to meet our digital objectives.

Akeneo PIM’s workflow allows us to be more efficient. We can exchange product information more easily, and have a product enriched before it even arrives in our warehouse.

Accessible, enriched, high-quality product data has become a necessity in our industry which made Akeneo PIM a must-have for our company.

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