IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce


There were 25,000 products in our catalog - right now we have over 50,000. That means in a year, we’ve managed to double our catalog and the goal for this year is to quadruple it with Akeneo.


Number of Users


Number of Products

55,000 Products

Distribution Channels




As a world-renowned brand, Staples is the go-to office retailer for businesses of all sizes, offering products and services designed to support working and learning. From printers to office furniture to technology and more, Staples is a one-stop-shop for corporate headquarters and home offices alike.


But this hasn’t always been the case – with more and more folks working from home, Staples realized that while their B2B offering was still strong, their B2C digital commerce offering needed some support. With Akeneo technology, Staples was able to:


– Manage twice as many products in less time without increasing the size of their team

– Enhance teamwork and collaboration through easily shareable dashboards and quick product data insights

– Improve data quality, consistency, and accuracy while reducing time-to-market

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