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Akeneo offers a best-of-breed PIM solution recognized for its scalability, adaptability, and robust integrations across your technology stack. No matter how large or complex your product information management needs are, you will be able to more effectively support your business partners and their need to provide exceptional product experiences by implementing a solution that is easy-to-use and delivers faster time-to-value.

Leading enterprises choose Akeneo

Built cloud-native

In order for your business to be future-proof, you need to be only looking at cloud-native PIM solutions. Akeneo has been a native OpenSaaS cloud application since 2017. Deployed as a multi-tenant application on the secure and reliable Google Cloud platform, it is massively scalable, infinitely extensible, and frequently maintained and updated so that you don’t have to. Our API-first approach is built on an open, high-performing, and containerized services architecture that follows industry standards and best practices.

Proven integrations

A PIM solution that doesn’t work well with the rest of your technology stack isn’t much of a solution at all. Akeneo has one of the most expansive ecosystems in PIM. With over 90 Technology Partners including premium digital commerce platforms, major digital asset management (DAM) solutions, translation providers and beyond, you can be assured that Akeneo PIM will be well-integrated with your technology stack. And over 120 Solution Partners have the expertise in Akeneo PIM you need to get you and your business partners up-and-running smoothly with a solution built to unlock growth for your business.

Scalable PIM

Whether your business sells a thousand SKUs or tens of millions SKUs, Akeneo PIM provides easy-to-use yet robust features to support the largest and most complex product models and catalogs, based on how your business needs to structure product information, not anyone else’s. From Reference Entities to Asset Management, and Validation Workflows to Versioning, Akeneo PIM focuses not solely on defining a product data structure but also delivers the capabilities you need to ensure product information is of the highest quality across all the channels and markets your business sells and markets on.

Powerful automation

Users are only human, and mistakes will happen. But with our supremely powerful Rules Engine, Data Quality Insights, Bulk Actions and automated import/export capabilities, Akeneo PIM makes it easy for everyone to reduce errors, minimize repetitive manual tasks, and automate the collection, creation, management, enrichment, and publishing of product information of the highest quality. With all that productivity, your users won’t know what to do with the time they save.

What technology leaders are saying

Our productivity has increased dramatically: tasks that used to take a day to complete are now reduced to a couple of hours.

Akeneo PIM’s workflow allows us to be more efficient. We can exchange product information more easily, and have a product enriched before it even arrives in our warehouse.

Before Akeneo, we enriched content for roughly 200 products a week. Now it’s up to 2,000 products per week.

We are now producing double the volume we were before [using Akeneo PIM], and that’s just the beginning.

We were looking for a ready-made tool with a very intuitive UI and various connectors with our tech stack. We’ve considered 5-6 solutions. Only Akeneo solved the different issues we faced.

Akeneo PIM is more than a solution — it’s a team that accompanies you throughout the project.

In six months, not just 25,000 products were published online, but more than 42,000

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