IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce


Accelerate eCommerce growth in the automotive industry with PIM

Attention matters. In an increasingly eCommerce age where the routes to your shoppers are jampacked with competition, consistency is crucial. Ensuring your automotive brand shines across every channel with limited resources and budget can be a monumental challenge, but it doesn’t need to be. Implement a single source of truth to efficiently manage your omnichannel product experience and automate your manual processes.

Leaders in the automotive industry choose Akeneo

Drive sales

Grow your eCommerce sales by adopting an omnichannel product activation strategy. Make sure you meet your customers where they are, whether it’s ordering a replacement part on eBay to a fully-fledged new car purchase on your eCommerce platform. Akeneo PIM helps you deliver a consistent, accurate, and compelling customer experience no matter what.

Charge up and shift your experience into next gear

Engaged customers spend longer on websites and buy more. Power your customer’s automotive shopping experience with seamless product data, images, and video. Accelerate your average order value and cross-sell by providing relevant and accurate product associations, all made possible by PIM.

Position your unique brand attributes

Be it gearheads searching for the pinnacle of sports performance, EV enthusiasts championing sustainability, or those simply in search of comfort – ensure your brand or product values and differentiators are matched with their consumer searches via Akeneo attributes.

Manage technical complexities

More parts, more problems? Why not make it more opportunities! Akeneo data is stored and distributed from a single source, allowing for automation & bulk updates that save your team time and get your products live to consumers much quicker.

Key Akeneo PIM Capabilities

PIM has the ability to configure all the accessories and customizations to create a superior customer experience. By organizing your product information in Akeneo PIM, you can build functionality such as building or customizing your own car as well as show the parts associated to these configurations in the aftermarket.

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Ensure accurate and consistent data irrespective of the location. Localize your product data so it is relevant wherever it is viewed, such as displaying speed according to metric or imperial units.

Manage all your internal workflows and approval processes in real time in your PIM. This visibility ensures speed and consistency throughout your team collaboration and minimizes the risk for human error.

Manage all your media assets such as photos and videos in one central location in the PIM. This allows your assets to be easily findable and to automatically connect to specific products.

What automotive customers are saying

Akeneo allows us to manage product information in an efficient and meaningful way across all our global sales channels, providing a seamless customer experience.

We really like the smooth UI offered by the solution, and truly believe in the story of Akeneo.

With Akeneo PIM, we’ve been able to offer accurate, consistent, and compelling information to our customers, which has led to a big improvement in conversion rates.

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