About us

Akeneo is a global leader in Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions that help merchants and brands deliver
consistent and enriched customer experiences across all sales
channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, and retail points
of sale.

Akeneo’s product information management (PIM) and product data intelligence solutions dramatically improve product
data quality and accuracy while simplifying and accelerating
product catalog management.

  • Founded in 2013
  • 180+ employees worldwide
  • Offices in US, France, UK, Germany, Spain & Israel
  • 300+ enterprise customers
  • 60,000+ installed PIMs
  • 100+ Solution Partners

Akeneo: noun., Comes from the word “akene”, the dry fruit produced by the dandelion: a light and elegant way for a flower to propagate its seeds. An inspiration for how we built our PIM.

About Ziggy

Ziggy is the Akeneo’s local neighborhood multichannel Hydra! You may have already seen our charming Hydra on our website, assets, trade show booths, or hiding in many of other places! Once a threatening multichannel monster facing Julia, our marketing heroine, Ziggy has since been tamed and turned into a nice, friendly, multichannel-ready pet!