About us

Our team has been working in the e-commerce industry for more than 10 years. As we were helping many small and large brands to grow their online businesses, we figured out that all of them were struggling with complex or archaic systems to manage products information.

We founded Akeneo in 2012 with the conviction that products are the most importants assets of a company and that merchants were missing a tool to help them manage efficiently those assets. A tool designed for marketers and flexible enough to be integrated with any third party application.

Because we love what we do, we would like to share our daily happiness and team spirit with you. So if you are eager to have a close look behind the curtain, enjoy our HAPPY DEMO!

Akeneo : m.n
Comes from the word “akene”, the dry fruit produced by the dandelion : a light and elegant way for the flower to propagate its seeds. As should be your PIM!

Executive Team

  • Fred site web

    Frederic de Gombert

    CEO / Co-Founder

    Prior to founding Akeneo, Frédéric was the Ecommerce Director at Smile, the largest open source system integrator in Europe.

    Frédéric helped some of the largest retailers (Chantelle, The North Face, Nestlé, Decathlon, …) to build their e-commerce strategy. He is a proven expert in e-business and open source.

    Frédéric is also passionate about the subtile art of improvisation!

  • Ben site web

    Benoit Jacquemont

    CTO / Co-Founder

    Prior to founding Akeneo, Benoit was the CTO for Smile, the largest open source system integrator in Europe.

    For the 5 past years Benoit managed a team of 450+ open source developers and launched some of the largest european websites. He is a proven expert in complex web applications.

    Benoit is also passionate about the subtile art of building and flying aircrafts models!

  • Site web Nico

    Nicolas Dupont

    Head of Engineering / Co-Founder

    Prior to founding Akeneo, Nicolas was the technical manager for MyStore.ch, one of the largest private sales company in Switzerland.

    Nicolas has a long experience and deep understanding of large and complex catalogs and integration of e-commerce applications with third party applications like ERPs.

    Nicolas is also passionate about the subtile art of exotic cooking!


  • yoav

    Yoav Kutner

    Advisor / Co-Founder

    Yoav is the Co-Founder and CTO of Oro Inc, the open source CRM made for e-commerce.

    Prior to founding Oro, he was the CTO and Co-Founder of Magento, where he led product and technology development for all Magento offerings from inception until after it’s acquisition by eBay, Inc. in 2011.

  • Roy Rubin

    Roy Rubin


    Roy is the co-founder and former CEO of Magento, the world leader in e-commerce platforms.

    In August, 2011, Magento was acquired by eBay, Inc., where Roy became a vice president. He continued to lead the Magento business until his departure from eBay in May, 2014.