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About Akeneo

Akeneo is the Product Experience company, helping organizations deliver enriched, engaging, consistent, and compelling product experiences across all owned and unowned channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, social commerce, points of sale, and beyond. By providing the community with best-of-breed technology and expertise, Akeneo equips global brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to deliver omnichannel customer experiences that turn browsers into buyers.

At a glance

  • Founded in 2013
  • 400+ employees worldwide
  • 700+ enterprise customers
  • 80,000+ Community Edition downloads
  • 200+ partners

Our Mission

At Akeneo, our mission is to provide any business with a product to sell the tools to leverage their product information in a way that optimizes their customer experiences and increases customer acquisition, retention, and advocacy. Ultimately, we are in business to ensure that one of the most important assets of a business — its products — are showcased everywhere they need to be to aid in providing a compelling customer experience, accelerating growth, and staying competitive.

After working with thousands of customers around the globe, we have identified a common denominator that holds companies back from achieving their growth goals. We are here to share our insights and help brands and retailers overcome the bottleneck to growth in their company.

Growth is not an option for businesses–it is a strategic imperative. Whether the growth objective is achieved through launching new products, entering new markets or expanding to new sales and marketing channels, it’s clear that the only way to truly be successful is with a solid foundation of product information that enables rich product experiences.

Our Product

Akeneo Product Cloud is a composable SaaS-based solution for orchestrating, activating, and optimizing product experiences across all owned and unowned channels, including eCommerce, mobile, print, social, points of sale, and beyond. By offering an innovative, best-of-breed approach, Akeneo Product Cloud drives revenue growth, reduces return rates, and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty while eliminating the chaos and delays from siloed technologies and processes.

Our Values


We say what we do; we do what we say.

We give credit where credit is due. We are proud and celebrate our accomplishments, without needing to brag about them, and acknowledge that we can always do better.


Our teammates to drive us forward and we reject the status quo.

Our listening skills are fine-tuned to ensure that we’re delivering useful and innovative customer solutions that enable our customers and partners to innovate.


We are competitive and eager to win - but not at all costs.

Kindness will always prevail above all else. We believe everyone is doing their best, including ourselves, and we commit to helping each other with an “open-door” policy.


Openness is in our DNA.

We know that success is a team effort and teams that win are built on the foundations of openness and trust. We are always excited to work with folks with different backgrounds who can share their experiences.

Beer (or any liquid!)

We do serious business without taking ourselves too seriously.

We love to get together over a meal or beverage to share fun moments at work. We know the value of water-cooler conversations and a relaxing moment with your colleagues.

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