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Create consistent, compelling customer experiences on every third-party marketplace

Activating your product record on a marketplace that’s not owned by you can be tricky, but third-party marketplaces offer brands an opportunity to reach new, loyal audiences while maintaining control over things like pricing, marketing collateral, and shipping fulfillment. With Akeneo, create a strong foundation of product information management to support an omnichannel activation strategy across every touchpoint.

Leading Enterprises Choose Akeneo for their 3P Activation Requirements

What is a 3P marketplace?

A third-party (3P) marketplace refers to utilizing a retailer as a channel to sell your products directly to their consumers. You (the brand) are responsible for the product listings, marketing and advertising, as well as the fulfillment of any and all orders. In a 3P marketplace, the brand is in control of the entire end-to-end process, and the retailer serves as more of an impartial place for brands to list their products. Many 3P marketplaces, such as Amazon, also offer 1P marketplace selling options.

PIM: Foundation of 3P marketplace experiences

With the retailer taking the backseat in a 3P marketplace, your team needs to have the infrastructure in place to take full advantage of this selling channel. Having a strong foundation of product information management (PIM) means that your business will have everything you need to create a compelling, consistent customer experience, even if the selling platform isn’t owned by you.

Reach new audiences

While you may have a loyal customer base, you can tap into new markets and reach new audiences by selling through third-party retailers that have their own faithful shoppers, all while maintaining control over the brand voice and customer experience you’re providing. But doing so requires you to be able to provide the retailer with reliable, up-to-date product information at all times; that’s where PIM comes in.

Benefits & Drawbacks of 3P Marketplaces


  • Greater margins, creating increased profit
  • More control over product, brand voice, and customer experience
  • Greater insights into customer behavior


  • Time-consuming to keep product catalogs up to date
  • Manage shipping and inventory logistics
  • Reduced access to retailer launch, selling, and marketing programs

Key Akeneo Capabalities for 3P Marketplace Activation

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