PIM in a nutshell

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  • Flat Files
  • Any data source
  • Your ERP
  • Enrich
  • Search
  • Translate
  • Classify
  • E-commerce platform
  • Mobile application
  • Printed materials
  • Points of sale

A Product Information Management system (also known as PIM, PCM or Products MDM) is a tool that helps companies to centralize and harmonize all the technical and marketing information of their catalogs and products.

Import your data

Import your different Excel files, connect the PIM to any third party system, onboard your suppliers and get a full and clear report on your imports.

Akeneo PIM comes with a simple yet extensible import engine that will drastically facilitate your data onboarding processes.

Organize and classify

Organize and classify your products the way you want. No more complex tabular view with hundreds of useless columns!

Our powerful and intuitive product grid will help you to perform advanced searches on your catalog in a few clicks and to display only the information you need.

Edit and translate

Edit simply your data: define which attributes you need, complete your product sheet, translate your information into as many languages as you want, add your medias, and keep track on any modifications directly in the product history…

Ensure quality and completeness

Control the quality of your data thanks to our completeness tool and say goodbye to published products with missing values!

Export your data

Want to export only updated products since the last export in CSV every night? No problem, you can choose directly what to export, how and when!

You will also find in our marketplace some ready-to-use connectors to directly export your data to your e-commerce website, your print catalog, your favorite marketplace and a lot more…

Export only if the information is complete

Completeness requirements and exported catalogues can differ from one channel to another. A product will only be exported towards a channel if it is classified in its catalogue, and complete regarding its requirements.

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Discover the (almost) true story of Julia and learn how a PIM system can make a real difference for marketers!

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You are already familiar with PIM concepts and are looking for an enterprise grade solution. Check out our Enterprise Edition! Tons of extra features and a top notch customer service.