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We’ve managed to increase product velocity, and increase our product range for the vast majority of our suppliers.


Number of Users


Number of Products

About 1 million SKUs for 300,000 products

Data Sources

800+ suppliers

Distribution Channels

61 physical stores

eCommerce store

mobile site

Myer is Australia’s oldest and largest department store, operating more than 60 stores, an eCommerce store, and a mobile site. The company sells a range of products, including men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, toys, home goods, entertainment products, and more.

The Challenge

While this massive selection has helped the company build its reputation as a one-stop-shop for Australians, it also presented a big challenge for the retailer. When product information was delivered by suppliers, it was often incorrect, inconsistent, or of low-quality. Some suppliers were not adhering to the company’s style guide, so when product information and assets arrived they were often non-compliant to guidelines — that is, if they arrived at all.

What’s more, product information and data was trapped and siloed in various spreadsheets and legacy file-sharing solutions. Suppliers, meanwhile, had no visibility into the enrichment process, whether they had delivered all of the necessary information, and didn’t know when (or if) the enrichment process would be completed.

As Myer continued its digital transformation, it was on the lookout for a PIM that could make it easier and more efficient for suppliers to provide consistent, accurate, and high-quality product information and slash time-to-market.

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