IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce



Apr 01, 2024

The State of Generative AI in B2C Commerce Solutions

Featuring real-world applications by industry giants and practical advice for integrating genAI into your business strategy, this report conducted by Forrester dives into how this revolutionary technology is impacting the B2C commerce industry and the tangible benefits of genAI.




AI-based Product Data Enrichment



Omnichannel Commerce

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Provided by industry analyst firm Forrester, “The State of Generative AI in B2C Commerce Solutions” is a comprehensive exploration into how generative AI (genAI) is transforming B2C commerce, gathering insights from 22 leading B2C commerce vendors and offering a window into the future of customer interaction and product presentation.

The research highlighted in this eBook demonstrates how genAI enables vendors to provide superior support, enhance agent productivity, and generate dynamic product information, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Through real-world examples from companies like Best Buy, Wayfair, and Amazon, the report underscores the tangible benefits of genAI, from enhancing customer service to optimizing product listings for SEO.

Download the report now to discover how to unlock the full potential of utilizing genAI in B2C commerce, ensuring that your brand always stays ahead of the curve and at the forefront of innovation.

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