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"We streamlined the entire process into Shared Catalogs - what used to take us 2 weeks now takes 2 hours."


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Shared Catalogs

You may not recognize the name, but chances are you’ve interacted with their brand a number of times. ASSA ABLOY is a global leader in innovative access solutions and security technologies, offering a comprehensive range of products and services including door locks, access control systems, entrance automation, secure identity solutions, and mobile access technologies.


Discover how ASSA ABLOY utilized Akeneo technology to:

  • Introduce a mobile app that provided customers with a digital place to research, compare, and purchase products, empowering customers to better themselves in their field of expertise
  • Reduce employee workload by over 40 hours a week  and decreased incoming support calls by 20%, enabling teammates to focus on high value activities
  • Rapidly pivot to meet new market challenges by creating a single source of truth for customers and internal teams alike to access product data, increasing page views by 27% and reducing the number of users leaving the site by 16%.
  • Improve upsell and cross-sell opportunities with an improved customer and product data record

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