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It's a standard requirement for our customers that we are compliant and quickly share product information with them. We can do so now, thanks to Akeneo.

Kolmi Hopen

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After the COVID-19 Pandemic, leading manufacturer of protective equipment Kolmi Hopen had to meet an unprecedented level of demand at an unprecedented speed. Meeting this demand would require a faster enrichment process and increased productivity, however, the company had historically relied heavily on Excel for data management. Finding product information involved coordinating with different teams and cross-checking data on their ERP system, a process that was time-consuming and labor-intensive.


Internally, employees had to dedicate significant hours and resources to find the necessary product information. The process was also difficult for external stakeholders, with distributors struggling to access updated, centralized information that is translated and localized to their specific regions.


With products that must meet very specific and demanding standards, product information management became a strategic element in Kolmi Hopen’s plan to differentiate itself in the market, as well as to provide added value to its customers. And so they turned to Akeneo.

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