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In 2016, INTERSPORT embarked on a digitalization journey, recognizing the need to adapt to the evolving retail landscape. As part of this transformation, they established their own eCommerce platform, envisioning it as a dynamic platform that would effectively showcase their extensive range of in-store offerings. The primary goal was to leverage the digital medium to emphasize the breadth and quality of their product portfolio, however the available product data primarily catered to the in-store experience and was not suited for an effective eCommerce strategy.


While the in-store product information served its purpose within the brick-and-mortar environment, it fell short in meeting the demands and requirements of a thriving online retail presence. Recognizing the importance of a comprehensive and tailored approach to eCommerce, INTERSPORT realized the need for a more robust solution that would bridge the gap between their physical stores and their digital platform. This realization set the stage for the exploration and adoption of a suitable PIM system to enable a successful digital transformation and align their offerings with the evolving expectations of online customers.

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