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May 30, 2023 3min

How Mondial Tissus Leveraged AI and Product Information to Accelerate Expansion, Time-to-Market, and Productivity

Discover how the French leader in fabric sales utilized AI and Akeneo’s product information management processes to evolve its development strategy.


Artificial intelligence (AI)
Geographic Expansion
Translation & Localization
With over 26,000 products available and more than 5 million meters of fabric sold per year, Mondial Tissus is a leader in the French retail market for fabrics and haberdashery items.

As the organization grew over the past few years, they began to encounter several obstacles to its development: the process of enriching product sheets through Excel was uninspiring and inadequate, and supplier data, regardless of the language, was difficult to leverage. Furthermore, ensuring compliance with new regulations regarding product information dissemination was a significant concern. Lastly, delivering high-quality product information for a large volume of new products each season across all target markets posed a real challenge.

Mondial Tissus needed to find a solution to enhance the quality of their product information and expand into new geographies, all with the intention to improve their time-to-market.

To address these issues, Mondial Tissus adopted the Bee connector by Dataggo, available on the Akeneo AppStore, to connect its Akeneo PIM instance with the AI capabilities of ChatGPT. The objective was to automate the generation or translation of various product attributes. However, for the tool to be effective, it needed to align with the reality of the product and the brand’s values. 

After training ChatGPT’s AI, Mondial Tissus observed highly satisfactory initial results: improved quality in product descriptions and ease in localizing content, which extended beyond basic translation for its international markets.

By leveraging Akeneo PIM and ChatGPT’s AI technology, Mondial Tissus significantly accelerated the deployment of their offerings in new markets while enabling their teams to develop new, high-value assets and enhance their product knowledge. ChatGPT’s AI also facilitated the delivery of quality product descriptions for a large volume of new products for each season and across all of Mondial Tissus’ target markets, providing a considerable advantage for the brand in an increasingly competitive landscape. 

Lastly, thanks to the Validation Workflow of the Akeneo PIM solution, Mondial Tissus’ teams can perform a simple review before validating a product for sale, ensuring the quality of the product information that will be syndicated to all their channels. The opening of new markets was accelerated, and both the employee and customer experience was improved, creating a winning trio.

In summary, the use of ChatGPT’s AI, with the assistance of the Bee connector by Dataggo, combined with Akeneo PIM, allowed Mondial Tissus to address its challenges in international development, accelerate time-to-market, and improve the offered product experience. This project serves as a concrete example of AI utilization in the growth of a business and demonstrates how it is possible to implement a solution that meets the unique needs of a company while developing a new offering to overcome the challenges faced by many retailers.

If you’re interested in learning more about this project, or implementing a similar project of your own, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and one of our experts will be able to answer all of your questions.

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