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City Furniture

Number of Users


Number of Products

100,000 SKUs

Data Sources

3 (ERP


Vendor- provided product information forms)

Distribution Channels

5 (Retail stores

eCommerce site

print catalog

direct mail

B2B sales)

City Furniture is a Florida-based seller of home furniture, including everything from futons and mattresses to couches and chairs and even dining room and kitchen table sets.

Originally founded in 1971 by brothers Kevin and Keith Koening, the company quickly grew from a single store in Fort Lauderdale to a collection of more than a dozen showrooms across Florida. After establishing a brick-and-mortar business, the company added printed catalogs and direct mail delivery sales in the mid-1990s, followed by an eCommerce store in 2012.

The Challenge

While City Furniture had carved out a comfortable space in the furniture market, the company knew it would need to improve its digital offering in order to keep its standing and grow in the future.



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