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    Hi everyone !

    I’m a beginner on Symfony and on Akeneo. When searching for help in order to solve 1 issue i had, someone on github was advising to execute :

    rm -Rf ./app/cache/* ./web/bundles/* ./web/css/* ./web/js/*
    php app/console pim:install:asset -e=prod
    php app/console assets:install –symlink web

    First line OK, I get it : remove all assets before building it again.
    My question is about line 2 & 3 -> what’s the difference between the pim assets and the symfony assets ? (if line number 3 is for symfony assets). And why not “-e prod” for this last command ?

    Thanks for your help and sorry if that’s a stupid question 🙂



    Hi Paolo !

    First of all sorry for the delay and there is no stupid question 😀

    If you have a look to the command in the code you can see that pim:installer:asset run the assets:install with others command like the oro navigation or the js router. pim:installer:asset runs all commands to clean and re-install assets from all our bundles.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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