Ask Franklin

Enabling developers to work with the best product data

Your business needs accurate and complete product data. Ask Franklin is a revolutionary new approach to address the problem of missing technical product data. Ask Franklin uses machine-learning to curate product content from trusted sources and deliver a golden record of technical product data. Access our library of 50 million product pages – and growing – with the Ask Franklin API and power your product information needs.

Use the powerful Ask Franklin API to deliver curated technical product data to your app. Product not in the Franklin library? We’ll find it for you!

Easily track and manage your product subscriptions to keep product information up to date and always accurate.

Ask Franklin uses & benefits

The Franklin Library

Franklin is our AI and machine-learning-based product data intelligence platform. Franklin offers best-of-breed technical product information and machine learning-based insights with scoring to help craft compelling product experiences. With a library of over 50 million of products – and growing – Franklin automates the process of product information curation and enrichment, addressing a main pain point for most retailers and brands. Franklin’s product data can be used in Akeneo PIM via the Franklin Insights feature or in any other application thanks to the Ask Franklin API.