Why brands need a PIM

Ever have to send one set of product information to one retailer, and a completely different set to a wholesaler? How about to a marketplace? Or perhaps your ERP or other internal system? Or maybe you’re launching your own eCommerce site.

Akeneo helps you keep your product data accurate and organized. It was made to handle tons of information — SKUs, images, product descriptions, technical data, regulatory data, and other attributes. Even with hundreds of thousands of products and multiple distribution channels, Akeneo can handle it all.

Why waste days or weeks manually collecting, emailing, copying, and pasting product information into a tangled mess of Excel workbooks if you don’t have to – am I right?

  • Centrally manage your product information

    Centrally manage your product information

    Stop struggling with spreadsheets! Akeneo PIM lets you efficiently collect and enrich information about all of your products before sending the information to the systems and channels that need it.

  • Collaborate to produce high quality product data

    Collaborate to produce high quality product data

    Your sales channels – retailers, wholesalers, distributors, marketplaces — often expect you, the supplier, to provide the necessary product information. Akeneo PIM provides the roles, rules, workflow, and collaboration capabilities to help you easily manage the process and ensure your product information is accurate and complete. The result is more comprehensive product information… and more sales. That’s the point.


  • Easily control and spread product information for each channel

    Easily control and spread product information for each channel

    Prepare product information in Akeneo and then export only what each retailer/wholesaler/distributor/marketplace needs for their specific channels. This gives you complete control over how your products are represented.

  • Improve time-to-market

    Improve time-to-market

    With PIM, your product information is ready for market faster even when you’re addressing multiple channels, languages, and regions. Your CEO will be happy. For sure.