Why do brands need PIM?

Akeneo helps you keep your data organized. It was made to handle tons of information including SKUs, images, product descriptions, and attributes. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of SKUs or are dealing with multiple teams, Akeneo can handle it all so you can focus on your other job duties. You have better things to do than spending hours copying and pasting product information into excel – Am I right?

  • Manage all of your products in one place

    Stop struggling with spreadsheets! Akeneo PIM lets you manage all of your products directly within the interface before sending the information to your ERP. Easy, right?

  • Collaborate to produce high quality product data

    PIM provides the workflow to easily divide responsibilities to teams based on their expertise. The result is more comprehensive product information… and more sales. That’s the point.


  • Easily prepare products for retailers and take control of your data

    Prepare product information directly within the Akeneo interface and then export only what each retailer needs for their specific channels. This gives you complete control over how your products are represented.

  • Improve time-to-market

    With PIM, your product information is ready for market faster even when you’re addressing multiple channels and regions. Your CEO will be happy. For sure.


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