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Dec 27, 2023 3 min to read

Akeneo Partner Perspectives on PX Prosperity

Discover the dynamic world of PX as we dive into a compilation of interviews from our global partner network. Including insights from industry giants like Shopify, Adobe,, and more, these interviews highlight how our diverse partners contribute to reshaping the retail landscape, reducing time-to-market, fostering growth, and ultimately defining the future of PXM.


Akeneo Community
As we hit the 11th day of PXMas, we figured it was finally time to highlight Akeneo’s pride and joy: our extensive partner network!

During our annual PX conference, Unlock, last year, we sat down with eleven of our most valued partners to discuss their takes on all things eCommerce, retail, and more. So, for day eleven, we’ve compiled all eleven interviews into one list, curated just for you!


1. Shopify

Lara Rosquet, Head of New Channel Partnerships EMEA at Shopify, explains how brands can simplify their product information so that they can focus on strategy and growth and not maintaining their tech stack. Plus, she discuss how organizations can activate global commerce channels like social media and D2C sites with the Akeneo x Shopify integration, and how the Akeneo and Shopify partner ecosystem enables local teams across EMEA to provide personalized, optimized customer experiences.

Watch the Shopify interview from Unlock 2023.


2. Valtech

Raphael Iscar, Director of PXM Product Strategy at Valtech, discusses:

  • How Akeneo’s composable framework makes integrating different tech partners easy and scaling feasible
  • Centralizing product information into Akeneo PIM to enable global selling and a faster time-to-market, helping one organization launch hundreds of products in just 3 weeks, a process that previously took up to a year
  • Enabling truly compelling and consistent omnichannel experiences, with a focus not just on digital but in-person experiences as well

Watch the Valtech interview from Unlock 2023.


3. Constructor

Eli Finkelshteyn, Founder and CEO of Constructor, discusses:

  • aligning customer and retailer expectations to provide exceptional customer experiences
  • why best-of-breed, MACH-certified technology enables organizations to streamline internal processes and reach new markets with more agility
  • how the newly released Attribute Enrichments works to reduce incorrect and missing product data across all channels and markets

Watch the Constructor interview from Unlock 2023.


4. Accenture

Helene Lefebvre, Senior Manager at Accenture sat down to speak with us about easing integration processes for both B2B and B2C customers, as well as sharing how to prepare your data and teams for a successful and sustainable PIM implementation.

Watch the Accenture interview from Unlock 2023.


5. AND Digital

James Sharpe, Chief of Strategic Alliances for AND Digital discusses delivering rich customer, employee, and product experiences, and how one organization reached new marketplaces, expanded globally, and tripled in business size with Akeneo technology. Plus, discover the three key tips to a successful PIM implementation!

Watch the AND Digital interview from Unlock 2023.


6. Adesso

Haitse Wiersma, Principal Software Engineer & Consultant at Adesso, discusses Akeneo’s cloud-based technology, supporting key retail partnerships for enterprise customers, and planning for a successful PIM implementation.

Watch the Adesso interview from Unlock 2023.


7. Wunderman Thompson

Ilse Goverts-van Kesteren, PIM/PXM Lead Consultant at Wunderman Thompson, discusses how Akeneo is working with Wunderman Thompson to pave a new future for PXM. Plus, she covers the three key drivers for a successful PIM implementation and why listening to customer needs enables the best possible product experience strategy.


Watch the Wunderman Thompson interview from Unlock 2023.


8. Sitation

George Dzuricsko, Senior Director of Solution Architecture from Sitation, discusses Akeneo’s composable framework, and how it enables organizations to create the tech stack of their dreams. Plus, he covers how to migrate data from outdated systems into Akeneo PIM to optimize, enrich, and syndicate product information, and how streamlined and efficient internal workflows can improve the implementation process.

Watch the Sitation interview from Unlock 2023.



Joe Swaffield, Partner Manager at discusses how we enable global selling and entering new markets faster for our customers with reduced time-to-market and increased agility, and why he’s excited to work with the PXM community to further develop what’s available on the Akeneo App Store.

Watch the interview from Unlock 2023. 


10. BigCommerce

Iris Schiefer, Large Enterprise AE at BigCommerce, discusses Akeneo’s and BigCommerce’s participation in the MACH Alliance, personalizing your composable tech architecture to fit your needs, and creating consistent and compelling customer experiences across both physical and digital channels.

Watch the BigCommerce interview from Unlock 2023.


11. Adobe

Regis Quintin, Head of Adobe Commerce for West Europe, discusses:

  • How Akeneo x Adobe Commerce is enabling brands to provide real-time, personalized digital customer experiences
  • Why a composable, best-of-breed commerce architecture unlocks scalability and growth
  • A real life example of how a brand utilized Adobe Commerce and Akeneo to reduce time-to-market and optimize product content, including 3D and virtual reality assets

Watch the Adobe Commerce interview from Unlock 2023.


12 Days of PXMas

The 11th (and second to last!) day of PXMas has allowed us to shed light on insights provided from our valued partners during the Unlock 2023 conference. From eCommerce platforms to AI to translations, each partner provides a unique perspective on streamlining processes, enhancing customer experiences, and optimizing product content.

We’d like to take a moment and express our gratitude to our partners for their invaluable contributions! 2023 was a great year as the Akeneo partner network expanded and matured, and we can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for all of us.

If you’d like to learn more about any of the partners featured today, or if you’d like to hear about any of our many lovely partners that weren’t mentioned here, you can explore the Akeneo Partner ecosystem, or simply reach out to a PX expert today.

Casey Paxton, Content Marketing Manager


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