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May 01, 2023

Shopify Partner Interview

Hear directly from the Head of New Channel Partnerships EMEA at Shopify about how brands can activate global commerce channels, simplify tech stack management, and optimize PIM processes with the Akeneo x Shopify integration.





During Unlock Paris 2023, we sat down with a number of customers and partners to hear their authentic Akeneo stories. Check out what Lara Rosquet, Head of New Channel Partnerships EMEA at Shopify, had to say about:

  • How brands can simplify their product information so that they can focus on strategy and growth and not maintaining their tech stack
  • Activating global commerce channels like social media and D2C sites with the Akeneo x Shopify integration
  • How the Akeneo and Shopify partner ecosystem enables local teams across EMEA to provide personalized, optimized customer experiences
  • and more!

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