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May 05, 2023

Valtech Partner Interview

Raphael Iscar, Director of PXM Product Strategy at Valtech, discusses how Akeneo's best-of-breed technology integrates easily and enables global selling and a faster time-to-market, creating truly compelling and consistent experiences across both digital and physical channels.




Omnichannel Commerce
Product Experience Management
Translation & Localization

During Unlock Paris 2023, we sat down with a number of customers and partners to hear their authentic Akeneo stories. Check out what Raphael Iscar, Director of PXM Product Strategy at Valtech, had to say about:

  • How Akeneo’s composable framework makes integrating different tech partners easy and scaling feasible
  • Centralizing product information into Akeneo PIM to enable global selling and a faster time-to-market, helping one organization launch hundreds of products in just 3 weeks, a process that previously took up to a year
  • Enabling truly compelling and consistent omnichannel experiences, with a focus not just on digital but in-person experiences as well
  • and more!

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