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May 04, 2022

Digital Commerce 360 Strategy Insights Report - The New Era of eCommerce - 2022

Managing new challenges in operations and technology. Trending Tech for an Exploding eCommerce Market.







Strategy Insights Report! The New Era of eCommerce: Managing New Challenges in Operations & Technology Retailers and brands explore new ways to capture a piece of the eCommerce market by investing in trending technology while learning to live with supply chain disruptions. Shoppers want a personalized, often mobile, shopping experience. Plus, Digital Commerce 360 shares the latest data trends from the largest online retailers.

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Online retail sales shot up during the pandemic, and that has retailers and brands exploring new ways to capture a share of that growth. They’re finding better ways to personalize offers, fulfill orders, increase marketplace sales, and market to online shoppers amid tougher privacy regulations. Here are four case studies of recent tech-driven successes.

SOURCE: Digital Commerce 360, April 2022. The New Era of Ecommerce: Managing New Challenges in Operations & Technology.

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