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Jun 07, 2020

Akeneo Global B2B Survey 2020: Results Report

Get the detailed results and insights from over 1,600 participants and Akeneo's analysis of data





Omnichannel Commerce

Product Experience Management

Team Collaboration

The Akeneo Global B2B Survey 2020 set out to uncover the state of product information management across the globe. We interviewed 1,600 B2B marketing, eCommerce, executive, and IT professionals in seven countries. These are the detailed results of our investigation. Our survey shows that while there are many efficiencies to be gained when it comes to managing product information and delivering product experiences, the rewards of making these improvements can be significant.

Want to read the results?

You’ll learn the answers to specific questions such as:

  • What are the main challenges organizations face when managing product information? 
  • How do the key buying criteria differ in each country? 
  • Which emerging technologies are poised to make the greatest impact on buying, and what is the adoption rate by country?
  • And much more!

Discover the detailed results and insights from over 1,600 participants and the analysis of the study data when you download Product Experience Management Around the World.

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