IDC Spotlight Report: The Power of a PX Strategy in Omnichannel Commerce



Oct 18, 2023

Digital Product Passports: Fashion

Curated for apparel, textile, and fashion brands, our guide highlights key aspects of Digital Product Passports, empowering the entire supply chain to make informed choices.



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In our new downloadable infographic, curated specifically for apparel, textile, and fashion brands, discover how Digital Product Passports offer a comprehensive view of a product’s journey from design to end-of-life management. We also highlight the key requirements for compliance come 2026, including product data, material data, ownership data, repair data, and sustainability data, empowering manufacturers, repair staff, and consumers to make more informed choices about the environmental impact of products.

Explore how Akeneo can assist you in preparing for Digital Product Passports – request a demo today and embark on a more sustainable and transparent product journey.

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