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Sep 21, 2023

2023 Holiday Season Strategy Guide

Discover what it takes for brands to succeed this holiday season with a curated list of tips & tricks from Product Experience (PX) experts from Algolia, Akeneo, BigCommerce, Unifai, and more.




AI-based Product Data Enrichment


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The 2023 holiday shopping season is rapidly approaching, and it’s expected to be a record-breaking year for retail. Projections indicate that total retail sales during this season will approach a staggering $1.30 trillion, with eCommerce sales estimated at $239.3 billion, marking a significant increase from the previous year.

To truly stand out and succeed this holiday season, brands must focus on providing exceptional customer experiences that captivate shoppers. This means embracing innovative strategies across various fronts, like harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI)  to optimize and enrich product data to ensure accuracy and comprehensiveness, ultimately reducing cart abandonment rates, boosting conversion rates, and enhancing customer trust.

Leveraging product information to create personalized experiences, utilizing AI-powered recommendations, and connecting with customers through social media and influencer marketing are all pivotal in enhancing the holiday shopping experience. High-quality visuals and accessible product information also play vital roles in reducing return rates. And for a truly omnichannel experience, don’t forget about the value that physical or brick-and-mortar interactions can bring; the key to unlocking superior customer experiences this holiday season lies in a comprehensive Product Experience (PX) Strategy that ensures consistent, complete, and engaging product interactions across every customer touchpoint.

This holiday season, give your customers the gift of authentic product experiences that support the entire shopping journey. A well-executed PX Strategy can make all the difference in connecting with your audience, enhancing customer loyalty, and driving growth.

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