Onboard new suppliers easily and efficiently!

Today’s supply chain is undergoing rapid change. Sellers are racing to add new products to their catalog, yet some suppliers have had to delay or cancel shipments, and others have gone out of business entirely.

B2B and B2C sellers seek to find and onboard new suppliers to keep up with demand. Exchanging data and collaborating with suppliers has always been a challenge – but with Akeneo, there is a way to make the process easier and more productive so you can rapidly get products ready for sale.

- Robert Schwab, Senior Project Manager, Myer

We’ve managed to increase product velocity, and increase our product range for the vast majority of our suppliers. Using Akeneo to onboard data from suppliers, we saw time to market improve from 28 days to just 7.

- Robert Schwab, Senior Project Manager, Myer

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