NEW VIDEO: The Ziggy Cocktail Experience: The Human Connection

Missed any of our previous installments? No problem! Find Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3 on our blog to catch up!

It’s all come down to this, our final episode in the Cocktail Experience(s) video series! Our heroine has discovered the vodka that’s used to create the wonderful Ziggy Cocktail, and learned about each step that goes into creating this compelling concoction. 

So what does the final chapter of the Cocktail Experience(s) have in store? Will our heroine Julia successfully acquire the secret recipe? What is the human connection that brings it all together? Or are there more people involved in creating the product experience that she has yet to meet?

Can’t stand to wait another minute before finding out the end of the story of the Ziggy Cocktail? You don’t have to! Check out the finale below.

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