NEW VIDEO: The Ziggy Cocktail Experience: Product Information Wanted

Welcome to summer! Once again, Akeneo invites you to sit back, relax, and enjoy our new video series “The Ziggy Cocktail Experience.” Over each of the next four weeks, we’ll bring you a new episode, weaving a story of product experience in the making, revealing how a wide range of seemingly disparate parts come together to make it happen.

This year’s series is about the Ziggy Cocktail — the world’s most delicious drink, aptly named after the Akeneo company mascot! So, what goes into creating this potent potable? 

Julia, the heroine of our tale, has the same question on her mind — but the answer is harder to find than she might have hoped! While the drink is delicious, its lack of product information leaves her wanting more, and the other patrons at the bar don’t seem to be any better informed than she is…

Check out Episode 1 of the Story of the Ziggy Cocktail below!

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