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Advanced rights management

Fine-tune your user (internal and external) permissions so that contributors can only access the information they need. This is very helpful if you want to outsource parts of your editing, translation, or product description processes.

Validation workflow

Review and approve contributions with a super-easy validation workflow engine.

Versioning and publication

Restore previous versions of a product in one click and maintain multiple versions of your data at the same time. This is especially helpful for staging speciality catalogs.

Rules engine

Define your own business rules! Classify automatically your products based on their attribute values and easily extend the rules engine to add your own actions and triggers.

Product Assets Manager (PAM)

Simplify media management, choose to localize media files or not, adapt them to your different channels, and attach them to the right products.

Teamwork Assistant

Manage your enrichment projects directly in the PIM, so that all users know what they have to do, what attributes they have to fill in, and what products are ready to be exported for the next collection.

This means that you don’t need a project manager, Akeneo will do the job!

Enterprise class support

Each Akeneo Enterprise Edition license comes with a SLA-backed support agreement that ensures that – whenever and however an issue arises with your core platform – we’ll be there to help.


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