"Akeneo automates processes that save us 15 hours of manual work each week, which is huge for a small team."

Smartphonehoesjes Case Study

Number of Users


Number of Products

50,000 products

Distribution Channels

Magento Core




An international eCommerce retailer providing accessories for mobile devices, Smartphonehoesjes offers thousands of products like phone and tablet cases, screen protectors, charging cables, power banks, and more to customers across the globe. In an industry that changes frequently and quickly, Smartphonehoesjes needed a way to continue providing an impeccable customer experience at scale.


Discover how Smartphonehoesjes utilized Akeneo technology to:

  • Manage 53,000 SKUs, 1.5 million images, and 3.6 million product values with a team of two
  • Quickly localize products for consumers spread across six countries and three languages, providing a better customer experience with a faster time-to-market
  • Experience a 10.2% increase in product conversion on their own webshop and a 5.7% increase of product conversion on bol.com, the biggest marketplace in the Netherlands.

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