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SHOP.COM is one of the largest online retailers for consumers worldwide, featuring some of the best and most exclusive products and services anywhere. Their Marketplace provides products from over 1500 stores, offering great deals on clothes, beauty, health, shoes, electronics, and more. They explained to us how switching from their old legacy system to Akeneo PIM enabled them to expand into new territories.

The Challenge

SHOP.COM had an outdated proprietary management solution that required extensive modification to get the features they needed. They got to the point where they had to decide whether they were going to completely rebuild their product data management solution from scratch, attempt to bring it up to date, or outsource the rebuild to an external party. After much consideration, SHOP.COM opted to start from scratch with a third party solution.

SHOP.COM’s main problem with their current solution was defining the relationship between product and SKU. Their legacy solution maintained each SKU as a separate record, which meant that whenever they wanted to edit product data they had to do it individually for every single SKU. SHOP.COM wanted to move away from this tedious process, make sure their products looked good across all of their web properties, and have the ability to easily enhance product data to increase sales. So, when looking for a new third-party system, they were looking for a solution that would reduce overhead costs and eliminate the headache associated with managing product data in their current system.

With Akeneo, SHOP.COM was able to increase product data quality using less resources. The transition from their legacy proprietary system to Akeneo was surprisingly easy given that they had been using their old system for 25 years!

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