After installing the PIM system, our conversion rate multiplied by 4.
Raphaël Seroussi

Founder and CEO of GSM55

GSM55 is among the leading French on-line retailers of accessories for mobiles and tablets. Created in 2008, the site offers its users a broad range of carefully selected products. New items from many different brands are added every week to the 200,000 items already in stock.

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Since the creation of its website, GSM55 and its creator Raphaël Seroussi have established user experience as their priority and a feature to set them apart from the many other players in the on-line market. A winning strategy that involves having a team of 15 people dedicated to enriching product information sheets. While the results were soon found to be excellent in terms of referencing and retention, this strategy also produces a number of errors in the data and a relatively poor time-to-market compared with the competition.

GSM55 first came across the PIM principle when it was overhauling its e-commerce website.

Until then, GSM55 did not have a tool for centralising the addition and the update of information, which thus needed to be entered several times for each retail platform.

After trying out various solutions such as SAAS spreadsheets, GSM55 decided, following the advice of its agency, to implement a PIM system.

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