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Thanks to Akeneo's meticulous approach to regulatory compliance and data accuracy, we've witnessed a remarkable reduction in complaints, particularly from Amazon and B2C clients.

AMG Medical

Specializing in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medical and home healthcare products, AMG Medical caters to professional healthcare facilities and individual consumers alike. With an extensive portfolio boasting over 2,500 products across ten core healthcare categories, the company has established itself as a premier destination for healthcare essentials.

As AMG Medical expanded its market presence, it confronted significant hurdles in maintaining regulatory compliance across its vast product range, prompting AMG Medical to seek a solution to streamline their product information management (PIM) process, ensuring regulatory compliance while bolstering operational efficiency.



  • Inconsistent product data across channels and distributors, leading to manual oversight and errors.
  • Complexities in adhering to multiple language variations and medical regulations.
  • Time-consuming catalog creation processes, taking almost a year to generate sales catalogs.




  • Akeneo’s centralized data management ensures consistency across all channels, reducing manual efforts and errors.
  • Akeneo’s localization capabilities enable seamless management of language variations and ensure compliance with medical regulations.
  • Akeneo drastically reduces catalog creation time, from a year to just 3 months, through automation and streamlining of processes.


Download the full case study today to discover how AMG Medical utilized Akeneo’s MACH-Certified PIM to revolutionize their customer experience offering.

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