Akeneo PIM allowed us to throw ourselves in a global and omnichannel approach
Aurélie Leininger

Digital Manager

Abitare is a Luxembourg company specializing in furnishing, decoration and interior design since 1996. Abitare markets its products across two brands: Abitare Living and Abitare Kids brands.
In 2005, Pierre Friob, General Manager of the company, imagined a new global concept centered around children. His ambition was to gather an eclectic assortment of high-quality, original products for parents and future parents. Thus the creation of a new brand: Abitare Kids.

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Abitare Holding is a multi-brand retailer: Abitare Kids, Abitare Living, and Flexa Shop. Initially, it was two shopping areas that were 5000m2 each, dedicated to furnishings and toys at the mid/top-end of the price range and located in Luxembourg. Following a meeting with the manufacturer Hape Toys, who immediately captured the emotional capital of the brand by visiting the Abitare Kids store in Luxembourg, the newly formed group expanded across the European market. This association has two strengths: 1) for the manufacturer to be as close as possible to what the end customer want, and 2) for the retailer to shorten the distribution chain and provide better value through its products.

The group is focused on strengthening its presence in digital by acquiring a robust eCommerce platform, enabling it to broaden its territory and open new countries more easily.

During the eCommerce re-platforming timeframe, Abitare sought out a Product Catalog Management solution: “Our system integrator incorporated Akeneo PIM into its global value proposition. They convinced us that integrating Akeneo PIM provides a best-of-breed solution to manage our product information.”

In the short term, this solution allows the company to dissociate the product management from the eCommerce re-platforming and to simplify the overall project. In the long-term it provides a way to structure product data that simplifies the process of opening new sales channels to enable acceleration of product offerings to reach a critical mass.

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