Watch Now: PXM Pioneers’ Pulpit Episode 2 featuring NEI and Productsup

The PXM Pioneers’ Pulpit is back with Episode 2 — and it’s better than ever. After welcoming Akeneo PIM CEO Fred de Gombert and other members of Akeneo’s cast of characters for the premiere episode, we have our first community guests join the show to help us spread the gospel of Product Experience Management!

On the most recent episode of the PXM Pioneers’ Pulpit, host Brendan Murray is joined by  Joshua Kempf, CEO of Brazil’s biggest B2B marketplace, NEI, and Marcel Hollerbach, CMO of Akeneo Partner Productsup to discuss remote PIM implementations, staying productive while working remote, and much, much more:

Watch now to see: 

  • Joshua Kempf of NEI explain how Brazil’s biggest B2B marketplace went live with Akeneo PIMN remotely
  • Marcel Hollerbach of Productsup offer tips and tricks for staying productive while remote
  • Best practices and tips for creating compelling digital experiences

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