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Jun 18, 2020

Podcast: The Possibilities of Product Experience Management

Listen to when Akeneo's UK country manager, James Barlow, visited the eCommerce Growth to talk about what a PIM is and how to boost sales with PXM!





Listen to this episode of the eCommerce Growth Show by Segmentify which features Akeneo!

Co-hosted by eCommerce wiz Chloë Thomas, Akeneo’s UK Country Manager James Barlow joined the discussion to talk about the benefits of using a Product Information Management system or a PIM. He also shared a few funny anecdotes on what can happen when you don’t … 


Listen to find out:

  • What a PIM is and why you need to know about it to be relevant in eCommerce
  • How a PIM can help remove human error and streamline data management
  • How PIM improves your Product Experience (PXM) and thus help you grow

Have a listen and discover how to accelerate your business growth through PXM!

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