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Apr 03, 2023

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Highlights from Unlock Paris 2023

For the tenth year, Akeneo invited the PXM community to gather in Paris and collaborate on future-proofing product experiences. Check out some of our favorite moments from Unlock Paris 2023, covering topics such as sustainability, product activation for key retail channels, and navigating an unpredictable future.


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For the tenth year in a row, Akeneo invited the PXM community to gather in Paris and collaborate on future-proofing product experiences. Unlock (or Akeneo Partner Summit, if you’ve been on this decade-long journey with us for awhile) is one of the most highly anticipated PXM events of the year, and this year was no exception. With keynote presentations from industry leaders, technical hands-on workshops, and engaging networking opportunities, Unlock Paris 2023 was a smash hit that covered topics ranging from sustainability, product activation for key retail channels, and navigating an unpredictable future.

While there are too many notable moments to count, we wanted to share some of our favorite sessions from the global event, just for you. Check out the full recordings of our top five Unlock sessions below.


1.2023 Product Announcement, featuring Akeneo Activation for Retail

During one of the highest-attended sessions of Unlock Paris 2023, we unveiled some of the most exciting features included in the latest Akeneo Spring Release on stage alongside Havaiana’s International CTO, Francois Silvain. Dive into everything you need to know about Akeneo Activation for Retail, our new Shopify app, AI capabilities, and more.

“We implemented Akeneo to enable our marketing team, our product team and merchandising teams to have one source of truth for all of our channels and languages to improve our product experiences through all channels.“ – Francois Sillvain, CTO Haviana’s International


2. Are You Ready for the Next Disruption? Lessons on Resilience in an Unpredictable World

The past three years have brought a global pandemic, inflation, war, and new challenges for companies trying to engage their employees and customers. In this session, Solutions Architect Matt Caffrey discusses the trials and tribulations Akeneo customer Assa Abloy faced as they navigated these disruptions and learned how to position themselves to weather and thrive during the next one.

“We’re giving customers the tools they need to do the job and we’re empowering our product managers and our marketing teams to future proof and get ahead of the curve. We feel we’re one step ahead every time.” – Matt Caffery, Solutions Architect Assa Abloy


3. Fireside Chat: Demystifying Omnichannel Product Experience Strategy, Unlearn Multi-Channel

Your customers’ journeys are changing, and becoming increasingly more complex. Their buying habits are multi-touch and omnichannel. If you really want to succeed in offering the experience that your customers expect, both on your owned and unowned channels, you need to make sure that you have a cohesive omnichannel product experience strategy. We sat down with folks from the WÜSTHOF team during Unlock Paris to break down the process of bringing a product all the way from browsing to buying and even post-purchase. 

“Being with the company for 23 years, I’ve seen the different stages of the company development. We are on the right path to be future-proof. With collecting the data in the digital single point of truth, we are on the right step to be future-proof in the omnichannel.” – Björn Kirsten, Brand & Creative PIM/MDM WÜSTHOF


4. Think Bigger: How to Realize the Full Potential of Your Product Experiences

Does your organization struggle to view Product Experience Management (PXM) as more than just an operational challenge? In this session, you’ll hear from Akeneo customer, XPIM GmbH who’s thinking bigger by putting PX at the center of an initiative to modernize their entire industry. You’ll also learn more about a new Akeneo asset to help your organization assess and optimize its PX strategy to unlock the full potential of Akeneo as an important driver of growth.

“At the very beginning PX was just a buzzword to us. We’d heard about it but we hadn’t wrapped our hearts or our minds around it. That came later once we started to think bigger. Today, [Product Experience] is more than just a strategy, it has to be part of your DNA.” – Marvin Urban, Founder & CEO XPIM GmbH


5. Take Control and Make Product Experenices Your Differentiator

Designing a product onboarding process can be overwhelming. To optimize the suppliers’ and brands’ onboarding experience, you also have to analyze product data to understand which features are most likely to lead to positive customer outcomes. Learn why PIM is more than a tool for data collection and how to use it to create compelling product experiences that will differentiate your business.

“Our first success is employee satisfaction and gain of productivity. With the PIM they can do magic, they have automation and new processes. They don’t lose time anymore on doing the same tasks as they were doing on an excel file or losing date. The satisfaction of the employee is really nice to have.” – Manon Lemaire, Digital Project Manager Bongenie Grieder



We had many more wonderful sessions and discussions throughout the two-day event than we were able to share here, but we hope you enjoy at least this little sneak peek into Unlock Paris. As one of our favorite times of the year, Unlock provides an opportunity for leaders and experts in the world of commerce to come together and honor the art and science of creating omnichannel product experiences, forging alliances and meaningful connections along the way.

We’d love to take a moment to say a big thank you to the wonderful Akeneo employees, partners, and customers who made this event possible. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we’ll see you back in Paris next year!

If you don’t want to wait a whole year for the next Unlock event, Unlock Boston will be taking place this fall. Stay tuned for more details to come on how to register!

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