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Mar 23, 2020

Akeneo PIM + eCommerce: That Was Easy!

Remember the Staples “Easy Button?” If not, here’s a reminder.  ...






Remember the Staples “Easy Button?” If not, here’s a reminder. 

These familiar red-and-white buttons were a product of office supply chain Staples’ mid-2000’s advertising campaign, originally debuted as part of the 2005 Super Bowl, and presented an alluring, if simple, premise. Just press your handy-dandy “Easy Button” and poof! Any conceivable problem someone was struggling with, from a bucking bronco that refused to be lassoed, to a new father struggling to keep up with twins, to a business owner or employee searching for an affordable and convenient spot to pick up office supplies, would magically fix itself.

A colleague referenced the campaign last Friday afternoon, and I spent most of the weekend (and if we’re being honest, a good chunk of that workday), fantasizing about just how great it would be to really have an Easy Button.

Want to spend some time watching TV instead of checking chores of your weekend’s “to-do” list? Easy Button! Stuck in traffic and running late? Easy Button! Don’t feel like cooking dinner after a hard day writing blogs? Easy Button! (At least there’s GrubHub!) Want to take some tasks off your plate at work? Easy Button!

Then it hit me. Akeneo’s PIM (product information management) solution is a lot like an Easy Button for your business — especially when it comes to making eCommerce easy.

For example, let’s say you need a top-rated solution to compete in the increasingly fierce and fractured digital market. Winning the battle for customers online all comes down to the experience you offer your customers, which means it’s crucial to arm yourself with the best product information arsenal you can assemble.

There’s a big difference between a “good enough experience” and a compelling, dynamic, contextual experience. If you want to succeed in eCommerce, you don’t just want a good solution — you want the best — and Akeneo PIM is a leader in helping B2B brands and B2C companies alike create these compelling experiences.

Just ask retailers like American farm equipment and supply store Rural King, who have used Akeneo PIM to reinvent their eCommerce experiences and live up to the high expectations set by their in-store experience. Other retailers, like Europe’s leading retailer of outdoor and camping equipment, Obelink, have used PIM to create dynamic product experiences that help them reach customers far outside the walls of their flagship brick-and-mortar stores. Europe’s largest luxury shoe retailer, Kurt Geiger, meanwhile, used PIM to dramatically improve productivity and efficiency. This allowed the company to more quickly add new products to its catalog or expand to a new channel and also helped them better manage seasonal products and events.

PIM can also be an integral part of an eCommerce re-platforming or migration, reducing the time spent migrating product data to the new platform and helping your team more efficiently handle the product information related challenges that come with such a transition. Or, if you’re looking to reach new customers by selling products in new locales, Akeneo can help you localize and optimize your eCommerce experience to fit the needs and norms of your new market while making it easier for your employees to track exactly which pieces of product data need to be translated or updated.

Maybe you’re struggling to take your eCommerce endeavor to the next level? Make it easy with Akeneo’s dynamic open-source ecosystem of partners and integrations.

Integrate with major eCommerce platforms like Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopify, Big Commerce, Oro Commerce, and many more via the dozens of extensions in our marketplace. Or, get help with your most difficult eCommerce challenges from our community — more than 3,000 PIM enthusiasts and evangelists are ready to help you conquer even the biggest obstacles. Or, brush up on your PIM skills and show off your eCommerce expertise by joining the community yourself.

No matter what your business needs to make eCommerce product information management easier than ever, Akeneo PIM has it. So get your hands on the Easy Button of product information, Akeneo PIM, today!

Ready to make eCommerce easy to the next level with Akeneo PIM?  Discover how companies like Novia and Pierce have used Akeneo to make product information management as simple as pressing the Easy Button. 

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